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"Her approach is unique, infectious and effective.  She is quick to understand your business, working through business plans and strategies to identify opportunities to create practical, effective and cost effective solutions...."


Sarah was introduced to me when I was appointed Marketing Manager.  As a medium sized Training Provider we recognised the strategic need to grow the business to facilitate further investment in the organisation so that we could keep abreast of the changing marketplace and secure our position within the top 3 organisations in the UK within our sector.

As financially we were not in a position to take on the cost of a full time, employed, Business Development Manager, we engaged with Sarah as a freelancer to support and coach our team to engage with potential employers and apprentices to significantly grow our revenue. However, at the same time ensure that our quality and reputation was maintained.  

Sarah's personality, enthusiasm, and ability to build rapport with people and engage in meaningful conversation quickly over the telephone was invaluable.  Her ability to work under pressure and at the same time add value to the strategic aims of the business meant that not only did we achieve our goals but the relationship flourished into a long term arrangement.  Sarah was quick to understand the workings of the business, it's values, processes, procedures and financial matters.    

The relationship was so successful that even though we could have recruited at this point, Sarah remained with the organisation, in a freelance capacity, and worked alongside the Senior Management Team for more than 10 years.  During this time the business continued to grow, I became Operations Director and Sarah worked with me as a key member of my team.  On a professional level, Sarah is somebody you want on your side.  Her approach is unique, infectious and effective.  She is quick to understand the business, working through business plans and strategies to identify opportunities to create practical, effective and cost effective solutions. 

If I ever had the opportunity, I would gladly work with Sarah again.

Jane Copsey - Former Operations Director - Apprenticeships Training Provider

Having worked alongside Sarah during her time in the business, she was dedicated to improvement, constantly professional, straightforward and knowledgeable.   Sarah's ideas were simple, yet made a huge difference to the team.  She lead by example and was always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and kept everyone motivated and smiling.  Thank you, Sarah for making such a positive difference.
Thoroughly enjoyed working with you!

Gabrielle C - Lead Internal Apprenticeship Standards Verifier & Safeguarding Manager

I’ve worked with Sarah on and off for over 20 years in various roles and would highly recommend you do too! Sarah is hard-working and conscientious whilst being both professional and amiable and adds a touch of valued humour to most situations.
If you need to move your business to the next level or collaborate your team, I recommend you get in touch with Sarah.

James Seavers - MD, Symphony Online

“Thank you for getting me and my business back on track.”

Thank you, Sarah,

I’ve been busy and struggling for too long and at the rate my business has grown over the past three years I couldn’t cope, and the cracks were beginning to show. I always knew that being busy I lacked the time to manage the growth of my business and it was becoming my weakness, so I knew it could be more efficient, but I had no idea it could be this good. You’ve transformed my weakness into a strength that matches the level of service I work hard to provide. Your ongoing support in this area has become a real asset to the ongoing success of my business. Being a sole trader can be overwhelming when you’ve got to do “everything”. I never thought I could afford to outsource but it’s one of the best investments I’ve made in recent times and far more cost effective than I anticipated. Being able to tap into your expertise as and when I need it has been invaluable. Thanks again for your business solutions, it truly has transformed mine. Thank you for getting me and my business back on track.

Owner/Founder - Outward Success

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